Install Node.js – CentOS

December 18, 2017Category : Code/Web

Install the Distro-Stable Version of Node.js with YUM In order to download this version, we will use the yum package manager. Update your yum packages: sudo yum update Install Node.js: sudo yum install nodejs Verify the current version of Node.js: node –version Install npm (Node Package Manager): sudo yum install npm Install Node.js using NVM Instead of using yum, you can install..

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Cách tìm IP thật của server đằng sau CloudFlare hay các dịch vụ CDN

October 9, 2017Category : Bug & Security Code/Web

Guide này nhằm giúp các System Admin nhận ra được rằng mình “misconfiguration” ở đâu khiến hệ thống bị lộ real IP khiến các kẻ tấn công DDoS dễ dàng tấn công hệ thống mà bỏ qua các lớp CDN bảo vệ. Đầu tiên ta cần phải biết danh sách IP của cloudflare (CloudFlare IP)..

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WinRar Settings Import Command Execution (< 5.30 beta 4)

March 10, 2017Category : Bug & Security

# Triggering the vulnerability # 1) Run this python script. # 2) Open WinRar # 3) Click Options # 4) Click Import/Export # 5) Import Settings from file # 6) Select the Specially crafted Settings.reg file #!/usr/bin/python -w # Title : WinRar Settings Import Command Execution # Date : 02/10/2015 # Author : R-73eN #..

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Direct sql quiries in magento

September 1, 2016Category : Code/Web

Database Connections In Magento By default, Magento will automatically connect to it’s database and provide two separate resources which you can use to access data: core_read and core_write. As you can probably guess, core_read is for reading from the database while core_write is for writing to the database. It is important to ensure that you..

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[WP] W3 Total Cache settings with Cloudflare GUIDE

October 12, 2015Category : Code/Web

W3 Total cache is a WordPress Performance Optimization framework that is designed to improve user experience and page speed.  It is recommended by many web hosting providers, and used by countless major websites such as mashable.com as well as many others. W3TC  improves the user experience of your site by increasing web server performance by reducing..

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Snake Game Code

September 22, 2015Category : Code/Web

HTML code: <canvas id=”canvas”></canvas> <div id=”reMenu”> <h1 id=”snake2″>Snake</h1> <p id=”info2″>Game Over</p> <a href=”javascript: void(0)” id=”restart” onclick=”reset()” >Restart</a> <a href=”#” id=”tweet” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Tweet My Score</a> </div> <div id=”menu”> <h1 id=”snake”>Snake</h1> <p id=”info”>by <a target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” href=”http://twitter.com/SolitaryDesigns”>Kushagra Agarwal</a></p> <a href=”javascript: void(0)” id=”start” onclick=”init()” >Start</a> <p id=”loading”>Loading…</p> </div> <p id=”score”>Score: 0</p> <!– Audio –> <audio id=”main_music” loop> <source..

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ReportQueue folder too big – is it safe to delete?

July 3, 2015Category : IT & Network

We have noticed extremely large folder on our server. It happens that Error logs are kept there. Folder is here: c:\users\%username%\appdata\local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue We have deleted its content completely and we also disabled Error logging. In order to do this you need to change group policy (as administrator): Start gpedit.msc to open the group policy editor Browse..

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Change language for Windows 8 Single Language edition

June 29, 2015Category : IT & Network

When you buy a cheaper laptop you may have Windows 8 Single Language installed on it, which means there is a preinstalled interface language (or sometimes a few languages) and there is no official way to change them as you would in Windows 8 Core (the regular Windows 8). This is similar to what happens..

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YouTube Tutorial – The Player API

May 14, 2015Category : Code/Web

Dozens of video sharing sites may offer streaming video that plays back in higher quality than YouTube, but if you want eyeballs (and millions of them), then Google’s monstrously popular YouTube is the place to be. For a long time, all you could do with YouTube as a web publisher was embed its hosted videos..

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Firefox install slient with config

March 25, 2015Category : IT & Network

To configure the Firefox default settings at the application level for all new and existing users you will need to use cusomised config file. There is one thing to note, that is that once the settings are configured it can not be changed by the user, whether or not you use ‘pref’ or ‘lockPref’. The..

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Ms Office Exploit 2003,2007,2010,2013 Embed exe in doc

March 22, 2015Category : Virut/Trojan

Step 1: Download and install MetaSploit. Step 2: Open metasploit Console from start menu.

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Remote desktop with multiple users and multiple session – 2008r2 -2012

January 29, 2015Category : IT & Network

. Ý tưởng và mục đích:Hiện tại, người dùng máy chủ Windows hoặc các hệ thống HĐH dùng Windows hoặc hệ thống ảo hoá VMware Labs rất quan tấm tới các giải pháp có thể điều khiển từ xa vào hệ thống mạng Extranet / LAN với nhiều tài khoản cấp cho người dùng với..

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DHCP Backup and Restore

July 3, 2014Category : IT & Network

Maintaining a backup of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) database protects you from data loss if the DHCP database is lost (for example, due to hard disk failure) or becomes corrupted. There are three backup methods supported by the DHCP Server service: Synchronous backups that occur automatically. The default backup interval is 60 minutes…

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Magento: Re-Index Data With Command Shell

April 12, 2014Category : Code/Web

Magento uses a lot of resources to re-index data from the Admin Panel. A good way to re-index data without using the admin panel is to use command shell “ssh”. This also would work if you happen to be locked out of the admin panel.

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18 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have

March 12, 2014Category : Marketing

The definitive guide to Search and Social Meta Tags you should be using in 2013. No fluff, no wasted code, just what you need to use. Let’s get back to basics. If I’m to be honest, flashbacks of arguments with copywriters in ad agencies turn me off to the discussion of metadata. However the reality..

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[Magento] Optimize magento database by Cleaning log

January 3, 2014Category : Code/Web

Optimize magento database Log Cleaning Magento maintains several tables for logging. These tables log things such as customer accesses and which products have been compared. Magento has a mechanism for cleaning these logs regularly, but unfortunately this feature is disabled by default and most customers do not turn it on. There are three ways to..

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