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FUD macro exploit… .doc/.xls

March 10, 2017Category : Virut/Trojan

1. Go to github.com/khr0x40sh/MacroShop and download all files.
2. Unzip your archive and open cmd.
3. Go to files directory via cmd and write “python exeinvba.py –exe test.exe –out test.vb” (test.exe is your file executed when macro starts).
4. Open new generated test.vb via notepad and copy all this code.
5. You can use this macro in Word/Excel/Powerpoint and more. Open for example Word go to “View” and “Macros”. Set random name to your macro and select “Macros in:” “Document1”. Click create and find tab “ThisDocument” (in Excel “ThisWorkbook”). Paste all code from test.vb.
6. If you use this code in Excel you don’t have to change code but in Word you must change “Private Sub Workbook_Open()” to “Private Sub Document_Open()”.
7. Save as .doc or .docm.
8. You got your FUD macro

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