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How to Disable Huge Log Openlitespeed Cyberpanel

October 21, 2019Category : Code/Web IT & Network

Hi guys, in Cyberpanel, OLS web admin panel looks pretty concise, and this advantage can be integrated into CyberPanel. Some advanced configuration needs to be done in OLS webadmin console. including how to stop log, You can fix the error to problem-solving or turn off error log easily. But, you must enable webadmin console in Cyberpanel.

How to Disable Huge Log Openlitespeed Cyberpanel

How to setup and login to OpenLiteSpeed webadmin console

First, run this line in SSH to setup login info for webadmin console


Fill username: admin and your password

And then, login into CyberPanel, and add TCP 7080 port to firewalld in order to access it. (applies also to CSF Firewall)

Next, please don’t forget to reload the firewalld once a new rule is added.

After that, you can access webadmin by https://server-IP:7080 and with the login info you set in SSH.

Disable Huge Log Openlitespeed Cyberpanel

  1. Access webadmin openlitespeed https://server-IP:7080, fill user and password
  2. Open Server Configuration, and click LOG menu
  3. In Server Log, set log level to Warning (So the server only makes a log if there is a warning only), then save it
  4. In Access Log, set Keep Days from 30 to 1, then save it
  5. Graceful restart, Done.

Well that’s just How to Disable Huge Log Openlitespeed Cyberpanel

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